We pets understand that there are times when you can’t be there for us. You might leave us to go out to work to pay for our food.

We all get ill from time to time, so you may need some help with feeding, caring and walking, or taking us to the vet.

It’s great for you to get away for a well earned holiday, but we’d like one too, with the care and home comforts we’re used to and perhaps some new friends to have fun with.
A wash and brush up is always a pleasure but we understand you can’t always fit it into your crowded schedule.

So we’d like to introduce you to the team at Dog and Cat Care.
– a friendly experienced team of animal carers who love to look after us when you can’t.

They offer all the services we might need, including

  • Dog Walking
  • Cat Care
  • Home Boarding
  • Home sitting with pets
  • Grooming

They can also deliver food and all manner of delightful gifts for pet and owner.
They are fully insured in case we get into any trouble and they are security checked so we can trust them like we trust you.

They will come and collect us in safe, comfortable, well equipped pet friendly estates. There are no scary vans with logos to advertise you are away from home.
If we stay with them we won’t meet too many new friends at once and our new pals will all be happy and wagging their tails.

Our owners can get on with stress free work, recovery or play, knowing we’re safe and having fun in their care.

They’ll even send you a photo text message from us to keep in touch

Take a look at the services they offer and some of our owners’ comments