Maggie our Border Terrier pup has bags of energy and needs company and entertainment while we are out at work. She loves visiting The Dog and Cat Care team and their dogs. She comes home tired but happy and can’t wait to see her new friends for longer when we go on holiday.

Barry, our lively Labrador cross Rhodesian Ridgeback enjoyed his holiday as much as we did! It’s great to be able to get away and relax, knowing he’s having fun with Phil and Sheila and their other ‘guests’.
Judy Lloyd, Bath

Gemma, our Retriever, had to be persuaded to leave her new friends when we got back from our Alaskan cruise. Sheila kindly texted a progress report to let us know she was having fun. We were delighted to see how well she’d been looked after and have booked up for next year’s visit to our son in Australia

When my weekend dog sitting arrangements hit an unexpected snag, the Dog and Cat Care team came to the rescue. I got off to my family party while Sheila and Phil entertained Derry, our very active Labrador cross German Pointer pup.

As a working mum, who likes to get away with the kids for day trips in the school holidays and weekends, it’s great to know that our two Springer Spaniels can enjoy two walks a day with doggy friends while we’re away.
Jane Mills of Holt.

Cindy my Cocker Spaniel is a rescue dog and still has some problems mixing with other dogs. I also have an elderly cat who can’t be left for long periods. When I needed to get away for a family wedding my vet put me in touch with the Dog and Cat Care team who looked after Cindy and Marmalade the cat at home. They even watered my plants!
Mrs Roberts of Freshford